Fashion Programs of 1 year to 3 years duration are designed to meet the requirements ofthe fashion industry and the emphasis is to meet world skills in Fashion Design. College has design and fabrication facility to enable students to not only learn the art and skill of designing garments but also learn howto make them and sell them.

Interior Programs of 1 year to 5 years leading to master's degree in Interior deals with all aspects of Interior - furniture, walls, flooring, ceiling, lighting, acoustic, air conditioning, plumbing, electrification, environmental factoring, space design ensuring economical use of resources and space using the best available material catering to the needs of client and their life style. Students also learn sculpture, painting, carpentry, accessory design, upholstery.

One year certification course in fine art ,Six month short term course ,Three month Short term Course

This program is designed to impart necessary knowledge and skills for an entry level job as an executive in construction sector. The program covers construction materials, construction methods, quality, cost schedule management, contract management, estimation, budgeting.

This program prepares students for tour, travel & hotel industry. The students learn various skills needed for success in this industry. The job in this sector requires students to have an attitude of service. This skill is instilled amongst the students.

This program is designed for students aspiring to enter the advertising and print design industry. The programs covers design fundamentals, design software, communication design, marketing etc. This program can be taken as a special module along with the conventional degree program or may be taken as a full fledged Bachelor degree program in Sales & Marketing.

Weekend programs are conducted on Saturdays and Sunday to train students in following fields:

  • Sculpture
  • Fine Art / Painting
  • Film Making
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Photography